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  It was a great choice having Karen perform the Space Clearing for my parents home which our family had on the market and had not received any offers. I contacted Karen and she responded quickly. She was very pleasant, great sense of humor and very intuitive. She was spot on when she entered the rooms and felt the energies from the family members who had lived in the home.

  Karen performed a beautiful ceremony throughout the house, inside and out, that created a notable feeling of lightness and peace. I also received many lovely messages from her after the Space Clearing to continue the positive focus on the sale of the home.

   Perfect timing on the offer of the house. We were just about to take it off the market to make some updates and wait for springtime but we received a call to view the house and an offer was made soon after. The process with the buyers moved very quickly and smoothly. I had an experience meeting the buyer at my parents home that made the process complete. After a quick introduction and conversation, the buyer had said to me, "we really love the house!" and gave me a big hug. It made me so happy. :)

   I would totally recommend Karen and plan to have her perform a Space Clearing soon on my home as well. 

   Lots of love..Thank you!                                                      

       Angela C.

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