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A lesson of letting go

Updated: Feb 26

Decluttering and Releasing. This can be the actions that start your healing and forward movement in your life. This can be objects, people, emotions, beliefs, ideas, habits and ways of thinking and being. We have been programed to believe that more is better and we need a lot of things. We want more but we're full up of "stuff" that we're holding onto for some reason or another. We are trying to nourish some part of us that's not being filled. By releasing what's not serving us anymore or dragging our energy down or just creating a discord within us, we allow an openness to heal and manifest.

Here is my story..

At my week long bootcamp for my practice as an Interior Alignment® Practitioner, I get to stay on beautiful acres of family owned land in PA. The students stay in what used to be the family's home. The class room is a walk up a hill. We'd have to walk up and down that hill several times. Always carrying something. Sometimes there was so much to carry and it was a bit of a struggle. Sometimes, (mornings,) I'd have to do the hike alone. Other times with one other person, or more of the group and we'd talk about what we learned. Part of the training includes Shamanic work. This day we had to pick a tree to connect with and receive it's wisdom and ask it for a part of it to make a sacred object and to place on the class's altar. My tree had a lot to say and show me. I was running late getting back to class and besides the branch the only other thing was the fruit that she had dropped. Now, trying to carry this spiny ball was not an easy task! I placed it on the altar where it stayed until I brought it home. I kept this spiny fruit for a year and every time I moved it to one place or another it would really hurt. I finally said why am I holding onto this? I've had it long enough. So I put on a pair of gloves and carried it to a sacred space outside under a tree. I had finally learned how to handle it. I released it with love and respect and back to source.

Sometimes when we hold on to things for too long or tightly, it causes us great pain.

It is said that The Knights Templar had a tree in a sacred spot. Here on it's branches, they would place something of theirs that represented their past. This was part of their initiation.

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