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Medicine Wheel, Stellar Intentions LLC

The Medicine Wheel is the Sacred Circle of Life, a cosmology followed by native tribes around the globe.

It represents totality; the beginning and the end, the cycles of the universe, of life, of the seasons, of the day, of bringing an idea to fruition.

It is the elements that make up all of life. In Interior Alignment®, the Medicine Wheel is based on the Four Directions – East, South, West and North, aligning with the Four Elements – Air, Water, Fire and Earth respectively.

The balancing of these energies in a home allows Medicine Wheel Feng Shui™ practitioners to create powerful, positive changes within their client’s homes and lives.

The Medicine Wheel, like the Feng Shui Bagua, represents a way to view the influences of energy in a home. Both speak of the unity of all things. Both eloquently present a model of living in harmony with nature. While there are differences in their origins and how these tools are applied, they are each used to balance the energies within a space.

Instead of reviewing specific areas of one’s life, like career, relationships, abundance or family as is done with the Bagua, the Medicine Wheel is used to align closely to who you are at a soul level, using the natural cycles of life and the elements, opening ourselves to the benefits of working within each.


By aligning with the cycles all around us, we can create greater balance in our lives and tap into a deeper understanding of our soul’s purpose. In connecting with the energies of the elements, we also access our ancestral heritage of being fully connected with the natural world all around us. Each element offers its own special energy:

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