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Concoctions and Magick

Receive a free gift of one of the below products, when you book an service with me!  I fashion these for a client's specific needs making them one of a kind.

All my creations contain a beautiful and powerful energy. You are it's fire🔥

Contact me for info and for purchase~

Magick Concoctions Stellar Intentios LLC

Medicine Bags

Usually leather or mesh that contain crystals and other materials needed for specific intentions. 

Magick Concoctions Stellar Intentios LLC

Stellar Essentials Gem Elixirs

Composed of essential oils, crystal chips, purified water charged by the moon and with the client's specific intentions. 

Magick Concoctions Stellar Intentios LLC

Altar Trays 

Altar Trays are another way that I can help assist you in manifesting your intentions and blessings. This can be done from my space or I can help you incorporate and fashion your own altar in your space. If done from a distance, when the cycle is completed, from my space, you will receive some of the workings that we used, to keep for your own use.

These trays can be used to bring blessings to a new home, marriage , baby, job, to help a peaceful transition of a soul, etc..

They can be placed in the home or workplace and be simple, discrete, sacred or as elaborate as you wish.

Altar Trays bring a beautiful energy to a space.  They can empower you and bring out your Inner Wisdom~

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