"My Medicine and Magick are gifts from the Divine. I love what I do, and what I can do you for you!" 

-Karen Skolski

Growing up I would find places around the house or outside where I could be alone, feel safe, and put things there that made me feel happy or that were important to me at the time. During the years I had different types of psychic manifestations present themselves to me. This led me to study metaphysics, parapsychology and psychic development courses. I took a long break from any spiritual path until I was ready. At some point I decided to change direction. I found that the more I worked on myself the more the universe opened up to me.  


When I look back on those memories as a child, I realize that I was actually creating little sacred spaces; and the energies that I've always felt in people and places, was an initiation into my role as a Space Clearer.💫


As an Interior Alignment® practitioner, I do more than just clear your home or business. I align you to meet your intentions or goals. I help you find your inner wisdom. The deeper you go the more you align body, mind and spirit.  I use Sound, Crystals, Sage and other plants, Resin, ESO, the Elements,  Angels, Guides, Deities, Spirit, Spirit Animals, the Bagua, or Medicine Wheel, etc..   I follow no religion and am open to work with all cultures. I believe in kindness and gratitude. All my work is done in the light of love and service.

"This stuff really works!" 

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