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Karen Skolski 

Shamanic Sound Healer


Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing®

Inner Harmony Forest Therapy Practitioner 

Gateway Dreaming™ Practitioner 

Advanced Interior Alignment®

Instinctive Feng Shui

Medicine Wheel Feng Shui®

Elemental Space Clearing®

Soul Coach® Practitioner

Red Lotus™ Practitioner 

New York Healing Arts Alliance  founding member


 Sound Healings: All of our "bodies" are affected by Sound and Vibrations. Some of the greatest minds have referred that future healings will be those done with sound frequency medicine.

The effects of a Sound Bath:  cleanses, balances, aligns, stimulates, relaxes, aids sleep and connection to dream plane, strengthens immune system and reduces stress.  As a Shamanic healer I am connected on a spiritual and cosmic level along with the sacred tools that have chosen me. Through Sound and my channeling you will receive the medicine that you need at that time. You will journey to find inner wisdom as my Sound Medicine will go as deep as you allow it~

Space Clearing: Everyone is effected by the energy that surrounds them. During this time of global change  Fear, Anger, Stagnation, Confusion, Chaos, and Uncertainty are some of the energies that are prevalent now. To be able to release, process and let go of certain things in your life and environment, will help bring you clarity and allow you to move forward with a fresh new energy. 

I can do this remotely in which you would supply me with a blueprint of your space, preferably drawn by you. 

 Then together, we activate new energies and preserve them. I also assist you through the use of Feng Shui and Soul Coaching® to guide you to reach your desired goals. 

There is a process you need to go through which we will discuss and I will be in contact with you along your journey.

I will also do on site Space Clearings with a previous  discussion on your environment's health condition.


“Be the Shining Star of Your Space”.

Specialities & Services
  • Sound Baths

  • Private Sound Baths in your space

  • Private Healing sessions

  • Space Clearing Wellness Centers, Health Care, Spa, Real Estate and Dealerships are my specialty 

  • Distance  Work

  • "Soft Clearings"  

  • Altar Trays


 Please contact me for any personal queries

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